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Whether for business or leisure, for sightseeing, aerial photography, or pipeline patrol, insuring your helicopter requires individualized attention. As members of HAI with years of specialized experience, AVION understands the unique demands and requirements of rotorwing insurance.

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“My broker is Scott Langevin from Avion Insurance. He is coming up on being my broker for 7 years and he busts his butt for me every year, every day, all day. I consider him a friend. Performance is also a key factor. We have been insured with Global Aerospace and our Hull and Liability rates are literally cheaper than my larger competitors that have 10 times the fleet value than I have, and my policy includes better ancillary coverages. I know that there are bigger players like Marsh, Airsure, etc.–they call on me every year. They are mystified about my loyalty to Avion as I tell them upfront that I will not switch and that they should spend their sales budget where there is opportunity. Scott Langevin / Avion is the only vendor that I feel this way about. Scott is not just an Aircraft broker, he is a full service Aviation Insurance specialist who also handles our Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Property & Auto, Directors & Officers Liability and all other major insurance needs for us.”

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