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Where Should You Hangar Your Aircraft?

When purchasing an aircraft, many individuals do not give much thought to where the new craft will be kept. Purchase price, maintenance, aircraft insurance, certifications, and many other considerations are prioritized, but where to hangar the new aircraft is often...

Best U.S. Beaches to Visit This Summer

The summer is a beautiful time to travel around the U.S. and check out some of the incredible destinations right here at home. The climate is at its best in most of the country and the tourist attractions and events are all open. If you have a hankering for the salty...

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Aircraft Insurance

Saving money on aircraft insurance can greatly reduce the total costs of owning a plane. However, it is important to make sure that you save money in the right ways so that you do not fall short on coverage if you need it. The following tips can help you to get the...

Best Spring Vacation Destinations for Families

Spring is coming fast and for those with wanderlust, that means the perfect time to travel. While Daytona Beach and Cancun may be the perfect place for college students, however, you want something a little different when you have a family. Luckily, spring is a...

What You Should Know About Owning a Helicopter

Owning a helicopter is something that most people never dare to dream of. It is easier today than it ever has been before, though. Quieter engines, more options for hangars, more affordable and accessible insurance, and more affordable models have made it possible for...

Romantic Vacation Destinations around the World

With the most romantic holiday just around the corner, it can be fun to dream about what gorgeous destination to visit with your special someone. When you have access to your own private plane, the world is your oyster. Go big this year and bring your love to one of...

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your First Airplane

Being able to fly whenever and to wherever is a dream that many share. Owning an airplane can make this dream a possibility and is perhaps a more attainable goal now than ever before. Used airplanes can be purchased at highly affordable prices and flight instruction...

Escaping Winter with a Sunny Beach Trip

‘Tis the season for the weather to get colder and for some of us to wish we were in warmer climates. Many of us will be hunkering down this winter, visiting with family and friends. However, for those of us plotting our escapes, take a look at some great...

The Best Places to Fly To in Fall

Having your own private jet opens up literally a whole world of opportunities when it comes to travel. With nearly limitless options, it can become difficult to make a selection for your next vacation destination. Then check out these places that are recommended by Lonely Planet.

5 New Happenings in the Private Jet Industry This Autumn

Rather quickly in America private jet flight is no longer an option for only the wealthiest. As companies begin to capitalize on luxury aircrafts and empty legs, more people are gaining access to flying in style. We found five trends that are helping sustain the private jet industry’s growth.

2015 Fantasy Insurance Drafts: Third Round

We're excited to be a featured company as part of the EvoSure 2015 Fantasy Insurance Draft in their Aircraft/Aviation division. It's an honor to us that our loyal and happy customers have made us a top tier name in the insurance market.

The Uber for Private Jets Is Here

The world’s largest taxi company in the world is Uber. The best part of their business model is that they don’t own a single vehicle. With an app you can access affordable rides from almost every part of the world. A group of investors saw this massive growth and created a very similar service with the JetSmarter app.

Private Jet Maintenance Considerations

Having your private jet maintenance isn’t as simple as pulling your car into any mechanic. Keeping jets in the air requires detailed government compliance that’s carried out between the aircraft owner, all the way down to mechanics and the tools they use, as well as local and federal governments.

Aviation Insurance 101

Aviation insurance is designed to cover aircraft operation and the specific risks involved with aviation. Aviation insurance policies may vary, with different coverage amounts and types of risks and accidents covered from policy to policy.

Wholesale Aviation Insurance

The primary advantage of wholesale aviation insurance is that insurance brokers can remain specialized while furthering their business relations with their clientele. Since aircraft are expensive and can often be considered a luxury item, aviation insurance is far less common than other types of insurance.

Types of Aviation Insurance

In the world of aviation insurance, there are several different options available to customers depending upon their needs and wishes. Each type of insurance offers a very specific type of coverage and it is important to understand the differences between each type.

New FAA Requirements for Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently begun to crackdown on UAS operators. They have created stringent guidelines regarding UAS flight, including where they can be flown and as well as structural guidelines for the drone itself. The FAA has compiled a preliminary list of standards for all UASs.